Retro Games Image for ARM device. is an open-source and free retro-gaming distribution based on Armbain build framework and RetroPie. can build image for many boards.

Actually we build for OrangePi based boards but all boards supported by Armbian can be added.

If you own a board supported in Armbian and would an image please contact us via discord channel.

21 gen 2023

OrangePi Zero 2 Download binary enable
Now on image 2023.1.18 for OrangePi Zero 2 if you update the RetroPie-Setup now you can download precompiled binary off all packeges in core, main and opt.

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18 gen 2023

OrangePi Zero 2 Image 2023.1.18

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04 dec 2022

Add mupen64pluse-rearmit in main menu packages of RetroPie-Setup.
For update the submodule in ext directory with rearmit packages you need to update retropie-setup twice.
Next images will be shipped with this and other standalone emulator pre builded.

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03 dec 2022

Fixed Mupem64plus standalone, you can build from RetroPie-Setup

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29 nov 2022

First RetroPie images based on Armbian Build released!